Tommy and the Magical Words

Game discontinued. Downloads provided as service to previous customers only.


Independent Games Festival 2006 Finalist for Innovation in Visual Arts Gold Award

What people are saying:

"After entering the word Gourmet, I actually began to hyperventilate." Tycho,
"I always like word games! But this one is especially well done in every way. It's a really amazing word game." Mike Hommel,
"It's all about the wordplay, which is fantastic (thanks to a few well-designed special items)" Chriss Tessmer
"It just is the cutest most fun game I've played in a long time, wonderful graphics, sound, very very pleasing to play!!" Patricia from California USA
"One of the best word games I've played this year." Tim,

A word game like no other!

  • Have fun creating paths of words to help Tommy reach the end of the book.
  • Create extremely long words
  • Easy enough for young players, but also challenging for adults.
  • Pickup x2 and x3 word items for massive scores!
  • Endless fun with the hangman style guess-the-word minigame.
  • Magical helper items help you create long words
  • The game includes over 200,000 words to play with based on words valid in Scrabble.
  • Scrabble Players: Practice your Scrabble skills and expand your Scrabble vocabulary
  • Also includes a full dictionary so you can learn what those words mean!

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