Announcing UltraDeep Plus; a brand-new update for UltraDeep

We're happy to announce UltraDeep Plus, a brand-new update for UltraDeep which will be available this Thursday, June 16 2011. We've added a ton of new features and improvements in this update to the original UltraDeep which has been downloaded over 1 million times.

We've created a fun trailer for UltraDeep Plus filmed using stop motion with our programmers as actors; please take a look, and feel free to share this video with your friends:

What's New in UltraDeep Plus?
- Retina graphics.
- An all-new Crystal world.
- Two new unlockable characters; play as the original Doodle Man, or as Mighty Mole and Rusty Robot.
- "Continue" system that gives you a second chance to go even deeper than ever before.
- New powers and items to collect and upgrade, such as the Invisible Potion, Emergency Super Power, and Rings.
- More obstacles such as Wind Tunnels and Moving Platforms.
- Support for listening to songs from your iPod while playing UltraDeep Plus.
- Low Sensitivity option for more precise tilt control.
- Various bug fixes.

The new UltraDeep Plus update is coming this Thursday, but you can go get the current version now for $0.99 and download the update for free when it's released.

Get UltraDeep now on the App Store!

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